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2013 SCHEDULE: Click on the title of the film you'd like to learn more about. Schedule is subject to change.

Mt Hood Independent Film Festival Films Volunteer BO Films Others

Days Like this Avery Hill JeVeux walking the camino the riviera Days like this Volar en linea recta curfew masque jordans watch genesi the history of chance idiot the cold heart global tides the duel the painted girl way too many problems blind mice beholder mandarose backyard fracknation micro time graveyard fiction wind up the farm the seed yarrows bow behind the scenes 16 acres tarsus abracadabra middle village recipe for love 3000 acres duck and elepahnt mirage the pollutions solution the healing power of art ghost fish bulletproof workshop duk county high and hallowed aristotle undam it speak skydiving tiny Long way home evolution out of body frames workshops the heart of a champion congratulations more than 2 hours kayip one bedroom montagnadevivi fighting for futaleufu shine the cow who wanted to be a hamburger foxed how will you create the universe wanderlust deus ex homine hooked Level 3D the boy in the bubble tuurngait last wild race love of my life whats eating pee wee wong el chupugabra specimen NaiHe trauma the talk alis volat propriis the coming wave the vehicle nostalgia liable vows conversations richard home brew hours with amanda a place of truth sleepwalker between land and sea secret decoder ring freckle cioccolatino burmese refugee 7 minutes in heaven worth not anymore maiden trip workshop asian gangs reborning a good wife stroker wade krause snows of the nile the king of silence rainforest waters