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The "Book It" Style

Transforms Great Literature into Great Theatre

Columbia Center for the Arts Theatre

Book-It Repertory Theatre was founded by a group of theatre artists who loved to read.  By creating theatre exclusively from literature, Book-It strives to bring theatre back to its roots -  storytelling.

From its early beginnings as a collective of artists experimenting in a workshop setting, to its current day as one of Seattle's most unique theatres with over 1,600 subscribers, Book-It's main purpose remains to bring literature to life on stage, and inspire people to read.

Dedicated to the written word, this unique style of theatre does not edit the author's original text -- even pages of background descriptions and all the "he saids" and "she saids" get acted out on stage.   The  text  is preserved not  as narrative but as dialog spoken by characters.  So each original production offers new challenges for the director, cast and crew to solve together.

This way of working creates great theater. It's passion for literature, utter theatricality and commitment to ensemble-work  excite the imagination of the audience and celebrate the power of words to move, to delight, and to make one think.