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CAST theater and Columbia Center for the Arts announce
auditions for the May, 2011 show

"All My Sons"

by Arthur Miller

CAST announces auditions for Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize winning play,  All My Sons.

All My Sons, Miller’s first commercial success, tells the story of an American family caught up in the struggle between personal responsibility and duty to their country.

Joe Keller, a successful, self-made man has done a terrible thing: during WWII, hurriedly trying to meet an order from the Army, he knowingly sold them defective airplane parts that later caused the planes to crash and killed 21 men. He engineered his own exoneration and falsely turned in his business partner; now, his son is about to marry the partner’s daughter, the situation is revisited, and his lie of life is revealed.

Performances of All My Sons are May 12 – 22, 2011. Shows are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2pm.

Who's Making it Happen

WAAAMCAST is partnering with WAAAM (Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum) for this production.  Click to learn about WAAAM.

All My Sons is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Judie Hanel is directing. Debra Jones is Production Manager.

About the Auditions

Auditions will be at 6pm on Wed. Jan. 12th and Friday, Jan. 14th at Columbia Center for the Arts at 215 Cascade Avenue, Hood River, OR

NOTE: Auditions for the role of “Bert” will be held on Saturday, January 15th at 4pm. Young boys aged 7-10 are encouraged to audition. Auditions for “Bert” will consist of cold readings from the script.

Actors are asked to prepare a one-to-two minute monologue from a play other than All My Sons.  Monologues may be read or memorized.

For your information, monologues associated with each of the roles from All My Sons are available by clicking on the related links below. Adobe PDF and MSWord formats are available.  If for some reason you are unable to open either, email the director at

Callbacks are scheduled for Monday, Jan. 17th at 5pm.

No scripts will be available before auditions.

For additional information, please email the director at

Roles to be Cast

Joe Keller (late 50’s to 60’s) Middle aged and prosperous. Joe is a genial, uneducated but hard working manufacturer and is secretly responsible for the death of 21 pilots because he allowed damaged cylinder heads to be shipped from his factory during WWII. American rugged individualism alienated Keller, whose past misdeeds haunt the future of his family.

Click here to download the audition monologue for:

Kate Keller (Mother) – (50’s to 60’s) Though she has a successful husband and a loving son, Mother cannot abandon the memory of her other son, Larry, who was lost in the war. Her delusions about Larry’s disappearance and her vehement self-denial are symptomatic of greater issues than just a grief-stricken mother’s inability to cope with the loss of a child. Nervous and suspicious, Mother has taken on the burden of her husband’s secret while he presents the face of an untroubled conscience to the world, while she suffers from headaches and nightmares. Her fantasies about Larry are constructed from a sense of self-preservation, and the flimsy basis for her hopes is threatened any time someone who loved Larry intimates that he or she may not share Kate’s confidence in his return.

Click here to download the audition monologue for:

Chris Keller (30’s) Returning from the war a hero, Chris found the day-to-day provincialism of his old life stifling. However, Chris is a family man, and he is devoted to his parents. He is uncomfortable with the success his father’s business found during the war, when so many of his comrades died pointlessly. He redirects his discomfort into idealism and an attitude of social awareness that is foreign to his family environment. Others perceive Chris’s idealism as oppressive, asking sacrifices of others that Chris himself does not make as he lives comfortably (if guiltily) on his father’s dime.

Click here to download the audition monologue for:

Larry Keller – Although he has been dead for some years by the start of the play, he is as much a character in the play as anyone who actually appears on stage. His disappearance haunts his family through his mother’s superstitious belief in his return, as well as through his brother’s wary but measured rejection of Larry’s claim on his childhood sweetheart. Larry is constantly compared to Chris throughout the play, ostensibly for the purpose of better defining the character of Chris, but in the end we learn that Larry’s own character had a big effect on the story. Larry is portrayed by his father as the more sensible and practical of his sons, the one with a head for business who would understand his father’s arguments. Larry, not Chris, possessed the stronger sense of honor and connectedness, and Larry sacrificed himself in penance for his father’s misdeeds.

Ann Deever (30’s) – The beautiful Ann has not become attached to a new man since her beau Larry died in the war, but this is not through lack of suitors. Ann is mired in the past, though she has not been waiting for Larry to return. Rather, she has waited for his brother Chris to step forward and take Larry’s place in her heart. She is an honest, down-to-earth girl, and she in emboldened by the strength of her convictions. Sharing Chris’s idealism and righteousness, she has shunned her father for his crimes during the war, and she fully understands Chris’s assertion that if he has any suspicions of his own father, he could not live with himself. Ann and her brother George work to establish ‘appropriate’ reactions to a father’s wartime racketeering.

Click here to download the audition monologue for:

George Deever (30’s) George is Ann’s brother, a successful attorney and WWII veteran and childhood friend of Chris’s. He initially believed in his father’s guilt, but upon visiting Steve in jail, realizes his innocence and becomes enraged at the Keller’s for deceiving him. He returns to save his sister from her marriage to Chris and is the catalyst that destroys the Keller family.

Click here to download the audition monologue for:

Frank Lubey (30’s – 40’s) Another childhood friend, Frank was ahead of the draft. He married Lydia and has three small children. He is helping Kate by drawing up a horoscope that proves Larry could not have died. He is a somewhat simple but a kind family man.

Lydia Lubey (30’s – 40’s) Frank’s wife and George’s former girlfriend. Lydia is a picture of domestic bliss and a sweet positive example of the one-who-got-away.

Bert (7-10) Bert is a little boy who lives in the neighborhood; he is friends with the Bayliss’ son Tommy and frequently visits the Keller’s’ yard to play “jail” with Joe. He appears twice in the show.

Jim Bayliss (40’s – 50’s) Jim is a successful doctor, but is frustrated with the stifling domesticity of his life. He wants to become a medical researcher, but continues in his job as it pays the bills. He is interested in medicine not for the money but to help people. He is a close friend to the Keller’s and spends a lot of time in the backyard.

Click here to download the audition monologue for:

Sue Bayliss (40’s – 50’s) Sue put her husband through medical school, and she expects more than gratitude in return. She is needling and dangerous but affectionate, but is secretly resentful of what she sees as Chris’s bad idealistic influence on Jim. Sue confronts Ann about her resentment of Chris in a particularly volatile scene, revealing to Ann that the neighbors all think Joe is guilty.

Click here to download the audition monologue for:


For general questions about the event or Columbia Center for the Arts, please contact the performance manager, Catherine Butler, at  For specific questions about the play, please email the director, Judie Hanel, at

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