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5 Reasons to Love Community Theatre

5 Reasons to Love Community Theatre

Here at the Art Center, community theatre is an integral part of our programming. Our CAST theatre troupe puts on a full season of plays each year, with works that are funny, challenging, and thought-provoking.

Here are 5 reasons why we love community theatre:

  1. Passion—you will not find a more passionate group of people than those involved in community theatre. From singing half-naked in a play like The Full Monty to learning the finer points of delivering a monologue from Macbeth, community theatre actors put their heart and soul into their performances.
  2. Volunteerism—community theatre directors, actors, and crew members don’t make a dime. They spend hours planning plays, lighting sets, designing sound, learning lines, rehearsing, blocking, and collaborating, all for the sheer joy of performing in front of a live audience.
  3. The Neighborly Thing—one of the best things about community theatre is seeing people you know in a play. Isn’t that the guy who bags your groceries playing the lead in It’s a Wonderful Life? Look, my Aunt Dora is playing Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf! Could that be your neighbor directing Jesus Christ Superstar?
  4. Love from the Audience—often when you see professional theatre, the audience takes a “show me” attitude. They sit back in their chairs and wait for the actors to prove that the experience is going to be worth it. But community theatre audiences pull for the actors from the get-go—they extend their positive feelings onto the stage to encourage and support these amateur actors who are risking it all to entertain. This excitement is contagious.
  5. Community Pride—people in Hood River are proud to have their own Community Theatre troupe. And the members of the troupe are proud of their place in the community, and the professionalism of their plays and performances. Community theatre is a good thing for everyone.

You can experience the best in community theatre here at the Columbia Center for the Arts. Subscriptions are now available for the CAST 2015-16 season.