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October 3-28, 2018
Artist Reception Friday, October 5 from 6-8pm

This month, weavers, felters, quilters, and embroidery artists from two fiber guilds as well as independent fiber artists from the Columbia Gorge and beyond will combine their talents and efforts to present a Fiber exhibition at the Columbia Center for the Arts. A variety of art constructed from fiber will be on display throughout the month, including quilts, pillows, table runners, scarves, wall hangings and much more. The fiber guilds include The Columbia Fiber Arts Guild, and the Columbia River Quilters’ Guild

Artist Hilde Morin

Since mankind’s earliest beginnings, fiber has been an essential element of life; providing clothing, shelter, and tools for survival. Most spinners and weavers use natural fibers from both plants and animals. Animal fibers include:  the magnificent alpaca fleece from the Camelidae Family; sheep produce wool, goats supply us with cashmere and mohair, rabbits give us angora, and the musk oxen donate qiviut. Don’t forget the tiny insects that provide us with lustrous silk. This is just a small list of animals that supply coverings for humans.

Fiber artists also use many different plant sources for their fiber needs. Common cellulose fibers are linen (flax plant), cotton, bamboo, hemp, coir (coconut fiber), pita fiber (agave plant), ramie (nettle plant), sisal (agave plant) and jute. Choices become even more interesting when working with fibers that have been processed in the commercial industry. Synthetic fibers such as rayon, tencel, and polyester fibers are continually expanding the types of fibers being utilized by fiber artists.

This year we are fortunate to have three separate installations of work by: Hilde Morin, Bonnie Meltzer, and a group show “Metaphors on Marriage” by the Columbia Fiber Arts guild.

The opening of the show will be celebrated on First Friday, October 5 from 6-8pm. The event is open to the public and all are welcome. The Gallery is open Wed-Sunday, 11am-5pm.

 Artists participating in the show include:
Hilde Morin
Bonnie Meltzer
Lynn Deal
Sherry Doty
Christina Brown
Sheryl LeBlanc
Joyce Kelly
Beverly Shoger
Deb Sorem
Christina Bergman
Karin Graves
Lottie Smith
Kathy Powell
Margaret Blake
Rhonda Harris
Kay Skov
Pam Hansen
Linda Reichenbach
Maureen Lauran
Lori Foster Harvey
Kristine Pollard-Stein
Eileen Elliot
Julie Abowitt
Jeanne Jones
Marbe Cook
CPALI artists:
Lalaina Raharindimby
Mamy Ratsimbazafy
Docey Lewis
Catherine Craig
Donna McCoy

Kim Lindemeyer will have a solo exhibition in the Lobby Gallery.