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A Whole Big World of Art

A Whole Big World of Art

Sometimes those who work in the art world, and those who appreciate art, get caught up in certain types of art. It’s easy to keep your vision focused on the same things—art mediums and styles that please your eye and feel familiar. And it’s also easy to forget that there is a whole big world of ever-changing perspectives out there, with artists constantly challenging the barriers and boundaries of every kind of art.

One way to open your eyes to the world of evolving art is to follow art blogs that challenge your way of looking at and thinking about art.

Here are three sites worth looking into that I find intriguing and always surprising: Street art from around the world, where street art has been incorporated into some of the most unusual setting.

123 Inspiration Reflects on visual culture through art and creativity. Warning—this site can be addicting!

The Empty Kingdom Brings together art and commentary from a group of writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and creative folks who are pushing the edges of art and art mediums.

Please share with us in the comments below some of your favorite art blogs.