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Ancestors Known and Unknown

April Exhibition Lillian Pitt: Ancestors Known and Unknown

Columbia Center for the Arts is excited to present Lillian Pitt Solo Show: Ancestors Known and Unknown, curated by Lillian Pitt. Thanks to the lowered Covid restrictions CCA will open its doors again to a First Friday reception from 6-8 pm on Friday April 2nd.

This exhibition is a solo show featuring one of the most highly regarded Native American artists in the Pacific Northwest, Lillian Pitt. Born on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon, Lillian is a descendant of Wasco, Yakama, and Warm Springs heritage. The new works in this show represent over 10,000 years of the Native Americans of the Columbia Gorge. Her innovative works are created in a broad range of mediums including glass, clay, 2-D work, metal casting, jewelry, and multi-media. The driving force in Pitt`s work is to honor her ancestors and give a voice to her people and their traditions. Upon viewing the mystical characters and artifacts in her art, one cannot help but feel an other-worldly experience. Let them take you for an adventure as you discover the layers of time and meaning while the work connects you to the ancestors and spirit world.

On exhibit in the CCA Lobby: Lillian has also extended an invitation to a select group of regional Native Artists and friends of the Columbia Gorge to showcase a more diverse selection of the fabulous artists that the region has to offer.  The featured artists include the stunning photography of Joe Cantrell (Cherokee Nation), the vivacious contemporary paintings by Sara Siestreem (Hanis-Coos Tribe), Toma Villa`s (Yakama Nation) intricate mixed media wood carved masks, Debora Lorang`s (friend of the Columbia Gorge Native Americans) quirky found object sculptures, and Analee Fuentes`s (Mexican Heritage)  aesthetically rich oils on canvas.

This exhibition opens April 2nd and runs through May 1st. Gallery hours are 11-5pm Tuesday-Saturday. Thanks to the lowered Covid restrictions CCA will open its doors again to a First Friday reception from 6-8 pm on Friday April 2nd.

Artist and Curator Lillian Pitt

Artist Joe Martin Cantrell

Artist Deborah Lorang

Artist Toma Villa

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