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Art and the Environment Video Series

CCA is excited for our Art and the Environment instructional video series making functional art from items that would have gone into the waste stream. This is an example of how CCA is still offering creative programs and practical things you can make from home.

Columbia Center for the Arts (CCA) is collaborating with artists and partnering organizations to offer a series of free workshops designed to transform found objects into works of functional art. Participants will learn skills in carpentry, sewing, engineering, science, and creative embellishment. These workshops increase craftsmanship and skill building through re-purposing material. Many thanks to our funders, Tri-County Hazardous Waste & Recycling Program and Hood River Cultural Trust.

Classes & Video’s:

Instructions are available here online with a directions for each class. Each project is saving items at home that would have gone into the waste stream. Examples include transforming old vinyl records into bowls, taught by Cynthia Caudilll.  Jack Perrin from the Gorge Makers Space will instruct how to make planter boxes and bird houses from our re-purposed material found at the Gorge Rebuild-it Center. Local artist Cathy Carter showed us how to make recycled fashion using chip bags to make clothing, wallets, and purses – which is really all that and a bag of chips! There are many creations people can make that are functional, and waste reducing on this planet!

Bird house made out of recycled wood from the Gorge Rebuild-it Center

The finished product!

Planter boxes made out of recycled wood and glass, for a greenhouse planter box

-Transforming old vinyl records into Bowls

-Recycled Fashion using chip bags and wrappers

Where to get supplies:

First, start at home, see what you have that may be going into the waste stream and see if you can make something functional from it. You can get also supplies and materials at CCA for Recycled Fashion and Record Bowls, the Gorge Rebuilding Center for Bird Houses and Planter Boxes, or the Gorge Makers Space in White Salmon for Bird Houses and Planter Boxes.

Our Partners & Sponsors

Gorge Rebuild-it Center

One of our partners is the Gorge Rebuild-it Center (GRC). You can get materials from GRC! Re-purpose old building materials to make art and practical items, such as planter boxes, bird houses, practical yet beautiful projects using materials from the Gorge Rebuilding Center.

Located at: 995 Tucker Rd, Hood River, OR 97031

Gorge Makers Space

Makers of all ages come to Gorge MakerSpace to design, invent and tinker. You can make your bird house, planter box or other things here! We provide the coaching and tools to bring STEM ideas to life. In any given week more than 75 kids ages 8 to 18 take advantage of our 1500 square foot workshop equipped for woodworking, digital fabrication, electronics, micro-controller projects and robotics.

Located on the grounds of the Bethel Church in White Salmon, 32 NE Pioneer Place.

Tri-County Hazardous Waste & Recycling Program

The primary funder for this initiative! The goal of their grant program is to offer funds to neighborhood, community and non-profit organizations for projects that will help overcome barriers to waste prevention, and increase recycling while educating the community.

Hood River Cultural Trust

Funding the teaching artists. HRCT mission is to maintain and increase cultural expression by preserving and strengthening the means of producing events and exhibits featuring arts, heritage and humanities, and by increasing public access to and public participation in those events and exhibits in Hood River County.


Light Wave Communications

Huge thank you to John with Light Wave Communications. Light Wave is a video and digital media production company, serving clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. They are a “one-man band” with over 25 years’ experience in media production.


If you enjoyed these video instructions please feel free to donate to support the arts!

For More Information Contact:  Education and Outreach at CCA:

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