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Art in the News

Art in the News


Following are some exciting articles about art that have appeared recently in the news:

A Landslide of Classic Art Is About to Enter the Public Domain

Charlie Chaplin on the set of “The Pilgrim.”

The Great American Novel enters the public domain on January 1, 2019—quite literally. Not the concept, but the book by William Carlos Williams. It will be joined by hundreds of thousands of other books, musical scores, and films first published in the United States during 1923. It’s the first time since 1998 for a mass shift to the public domain of material protected under copyright. It’s also the beginning of a new annual tradition: For several decades from 2019 onward, each New Year’s Day will unleash a full year’s worth of works published 95 years earlier. Read More

Google’s art app now offers a glimpse of Africa’s largest art collection
Now you can explore Africa’s largest art collection from your smartphone. The Johannesburg Art Gallery has become the latest museum to make itself available on Google’s virtual museum tours. Along with the museum’s collection of Picasso’s and Manet’s, it is also showcasing a broad range of South African artists who may not yet have had exposure outside of the country. Read More

When Jazz Ruled the World: The Rise & Reign of America’s One True Art
Nowadays, in the second decade of the 21st Century, jazz may seem to many a marginalised music. Of course, it goes without saying that there are still musicians who have risen out of the jazz ghetto, crossed over, and sold humungous amounts of records to the mainstream public – think Gregory Porter and Diana Krall, in recent times – but on the whole, jazz music no longer makes the bestseller lists. But there was a time when jazz was the dominant form of popular music and it could be heard emanating from radio stations, jukeboxes, nightclubs and concert halls throughout the world. Read More

Looking for New Artworks? These are the Contemporary Artists to Watch Right Now Convinced that the digital space is an invaluable tool for bringing transparency and equity to the art market, Singulart has created an outstanding platform for artists to gain international visibility and independently manage the sale of their works to a wide range of buyers. An online gallery with a unique approach to the artwork makers and collectors alike, Singulart offers a vibrant space filled with new cultures and creativity. Read More

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