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Cathedral Ridge Windery

Cathedral Ridge Winery

Cathedral Ridge Winery and the Columbia Center for the Arts partner to present quarterly art shows at the winery. Each show features the artist’s representations of art inspired by the vineyard as well as other Gorge-themed pieces.


Joan Metcalf

October 2018

Showing from September 28 – October 12

First Friday Event: October 5, 6-9pm

Artist’s Statement/Bio:

I’ve always been intrigued with nature’s high drama…crashing waves against a rocky coast, a display of colored leaves in autumn, and especially, the many shapes and colors of flowers and leaves.

I started painting grapevines two years ago and I’m still fascinated with the beautiful leaves, twisting vines and gorgeous clusters of juicy grapes.  It seems as if all of the elements of good composition are there, just waiting to be painted.  I do add some extra vines and leaves, but most of my paintings are of the actual grapevine.

The painting technique I have developed over the last few years is a combination of oils and composition metal leaf.  The gold color is an alloy of 88% copper and 12% zinc and the silver is 100% aluminum.  They are added to the canvas with an adhesive and then several coatings of sealer are applied.  These form a background for my images with ever-changing reflections.

I received my B.A. in painting from the University of Washington in 1960 and have been painting professionally and exhibiting my work in several Northwest galleries since then.  My mediums have included oils, watercolors, acrylics and mixed media pieces with bas-relief wood carvings.

Since I prefer painting large canvases, much of my work is collected by corporations and institutions for the boardroom, reception area and lobby.  My paintings are in numerous private and public collections, internationally, nationally, and locally, including Nike, Reser’s Fine Foods, Boise Cascade, Tektronix, Inc. plus several financial institutions and many hospitals.

A collection of my current work can be seen on my website .