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Charter Members


Thousands of people have supported the Columbia Center for the Arts over the years both with their time and their finance contributions. We thank you all.

Special recognition goes to those individuals and organizations whose contributions formed the basis upon which we were able to build the new art center. Please join us in thanking our Columbia Arts Charter Members.

Columbia Arts Charter Members

Darryl Agersea
Steve Bickford
Kristen Dillon & Paul Blackburn
Rick & Sydney Blaine
Jim & Polly Bull
Christie Smith & Ron Cohen
J. McGregor Colt
Jules Burton
Mark Dane
Bruce & Elizabeth Dunlevie
Clark & Carol Emmerson
Lee & Feliza Greenwald
Judie Hanel
Paul Randall & Jean Harmon
Dr. Allan & Kae Henderson
Maureen Higgins
Ann Marie Jelderks
Scott & Elaine Johnson
Dr Janice & Alan Journeau
Kent & Judy Lambert
Prem & Susan Balk Manjooran
Gordon Mayer
Debbie Mayer

Norman & Jeannette Mayer
Jane Meginnis
Kate & Jack Mills
Susan Hull
Dale & Judy Nicol
Tom & Mary Louise Penchoen
Joel Knutson & Lisa Peterson
Sam & Aileen Pobanz
Maureen Regalbuto
Tom & Mole Schaefer
Jordan Schnitzer
Rodger & Judy Schock
Bob & Barbara Schuppe
Chris & Julie Smith
Phil & Judy Jensen
Mary Stevenson
Bill & Julie Sturman
Deidra Wager
Dorothea Young

Thank You!

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