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CCA Student Protection Policy


Safety and Precautions
Safety first! Physical distancing will be implemented and we are following the State guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority to guide us in our decisions and health precautions.

We are limiting our class sizes to 12 students, where our teaching artists will give an amazing experience to the youth who can participate, we will do everything we can to keep everyone healthy.  We do plan to keep kids at least 6′ apart, and have measured out our spaces to practice safety, and each participant will have a private container for their materials. If youth or family are showing any signs of illness we will ask them to stay home. We will take the temperature of participants at the beginning of class and encourage masks. We also ask participants to bring their own snacks for safety and health precautions. Thanks for understanding and working with us to keep everyone safe and healthy!


Seguridad y precauciones
¡Seguridad primero! Se implementará la distancia sana y estamos siguiendo las pautas estatales de la Autoridad de Salud de Oregon para guiarnos en nuestras decisiones y precauciones de salud.

Estamos limitando el tamaño de nuestras clases a 12 estudiantes para que nuestros artistas den una experiencia increíble a los jóvenes que participen y haremos todo lo posible para mantener a todos saludables. Planeamos mantener a los niños al menos a 6 pies de distancia, y hemos medido nuestros espacios para practicar la seguridad, y cada participante tendrá un contenedor privado para sus materiales. Si el estudiante o un miembro de la familia muestran signos de enfermedad, les pediremos que se queden en casa. Tomaremos la temperatura de los participantes al inicio de la clase y el uso de cubrebocas será importante. También pedimos a los participantes que traigan sus propios bocadillos por precauciones de seguridad y salud. ¡Gracias por entendernos y trabajar con nosotros para mantener a todos a salvo y saludables!

Child Protection:

The protection of the students in our care is the Center’s highest priority. Toward that end, in addition to agreeing to the CCA Code of Conduct, we require that all employees, contractors, and volunteers (hereafter referred to as “teachers”*) who work with children (defined as students younger than 18 years old) adhere to the following requirements:

  • Teachers will make sure that students feel safe, welcomed, and encouraged to develop as artists. In addition to maintaining a physically safe environment, this includes preventing any bullying or demeaning behavior.
  • To maintain a safe environment when students are using art materials, teachers will:
    • Store surplus materials away from children
    • Keep food and drinks out of the art area
    • Monitor distribution of supplies to minimize spills and mishaps
    • Supervise children closely to prevent unintended uses of art materials
    • Mix powdered and/or dusty materials for students
    • Use recommended protective gear (goggles, gloves, mask), depending on the product used in the specific program
    • Interact safely with any potentially-dangerous materials, including washing hands (avoiding using solvents to clean the skin), watching for unusual reactions to chemicals, and covering cuts and sores with bandages before using materials.
  • Teachers will not engage in any behavior that endangers or appears to endanger a student. This includes being alone with a student, transporting the student in a private vehicle, or administering any form of physical discipline.
  • Teachers will be conscientious to remain above reproach in their interactions with students, particularly in regard to appropriate physical contact.
  • Teachers will make sure that students in their care are accounted for at all times and are not permitted to leave without being accompanied by a parent or pre-established guardian.
  • If a student is injured during class, the teacher will complete a written Accident/Incident Report and notify the parents on the day of the incident. In the case of a serious incident or injury, the teacher must notify the Director first, call the parent immediately, and then complete the report.
  • As professionals entrusted with the care of children, teachers are mandated under law to immediately report any suspicion of child abuse—including unexplained bruises, cuts, burns, or anything else that might suggest abuse—to the Director, who will report such instances to the local agency.



*We do background checks on all individuals who work directly with children.