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Coronavirus Update from the Columbia Center for the Arts

The COLUMBIA CENTER for the ARTS is open with public safety as our main concern. It is imperative to provide safe indoor environments for CCA guests (visitors), volunteers, artists, performers, staff (employees), contractors, clients, and volunteers. Per state guidance, visitors are required to wear a face-covering and maintain six feet of social distance.
Free Face masks and sanitizer shall be available at the entrance for you to use during your visit.
If coming to a theatre performance bring proof of vaccination. Learn more.

FALL 2021 Update

In response to a positive COVID-19 case with the Columbia Center for the Arts, the Center is announcing the following changes to the gallery schedule to enable full completion of quarantine, testing, and sanitation protocols:

1. The Center will remain closed until September 14.
We will be re-opening at 11am on Tuesday September 14th
2. The current Best of the Gorge 2021 exhibit will continue September 14-26.
2. The Fever Dream show will be on display October 1st-3oth as planned.
3. The Don’t Quit Your Day Job show will be postponed to November 5th.
4. The Holiday Show will run December 3rd to January 7th.
This schedule will enable CCA to provide a safe indoor environment for our staff and visitors and provide our staff sufficient time to complete their quarantine and testing regimen. CCA values the health and safety of our staff, visitors, volunteers, artists, and performers above all else and we thank our community for your support during these very challenging times.

P.S. None of this would be possible without the generous support of the following foundations. Special thanks to:

Autzen Family Foundation, Ford Family Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation, Hood River Cultural Trust, Kinsman Foundation, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Cultural Trust, Tri-County Hazardous Waste & Recycling Program, Juan Young Trust, The Reser Family Foundation, Trust Management, Pacific Corp Foundation and US Bank.


Plan Your Visit Covid-19 Update

The COVID pandemic continues to present new and significant challenges to this work, as variants present new threats to the health and safety of all whom CCA strives to serve. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the CCA Board has committed to making operational and policy decisions that provide, at minimum, compliance with all current CDC, Oregon Health Authority, and Hood River County Health Department Guidelines.


All guests who attend events or gatherings at CCA must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by the date of their visit. Patrons can show either paper or electronic documentation (including a photo of your vaccination card), along with a photo ID.

Theatre patrons and workshop and class participants over the age of 12 must be able to show proof that they are fully vaccinated at the time of their entry into the theater or studio until further notice. When these protocols change, this page will be updated as needed.

“Fully vaccinated” means that at least 14 days have passed since receiving the second dose of a two-dose vaccine series or 14 days after receiving a single-dose vaccine.

CCA will accept ANY ONE of the following methods for proving vaccination, along with a photo ID:

  • Physical vaccination card
  • Photo of vaccination card
  • Other official documentation clearly displaying your name and the date(s) on which vaccine doses were administered, such as a visit summary provided by the organization administering the vaccine.

If you are unable to provide vaccine proof, we will gladly work with you to reschedule your visit or refund the cost of your ticket.
If you have any questions or concerns about complying with these new rules, please contact us via email to


  • If you are not currently vaccinated, you can find out when, where, and how to get a FREE COVID-19 vaccine HERE.
  • Information about COVID-19 tests can be found HERE.
  • Lost your vaccination card? You can request a copy of your vaccination record HERE.

In addition to the vaccine policy, CCA requires that everyone in the Center wear an appropriate facial mask that covers their mouth and nose. Masks are required in all areas of the building.
If you’re not sure which kind of mask is appropriate, check out this handy guide.

HVAC filtration equipment and maintenance schedule is compliant with OSHA standards.

Guest organizations hosting events (shows, classes, concerts, productions, etc.) at the Center shall be fully responsible for enforcing this policy. Event plans should clearly describe how the organization will enforce the mask requirements and how they plan to communicate with their guests about social distancing and hand sanitizing protocols.