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A Day At Our Lady of Malpractice Hospital

A Day At Our Lady of Malpractice Hospital

Dr. Fatpacker and His Patients Present a Fun-Filled Theatre Experience

Last year at CCA we started a new program called Seniors & the Arts. Our goal? To bring a variety of interactive art experiences to seniors in our community, including drawing, painting, writing, theatre, and art presentations. We piloted the program with Providence Down Manor, and it was such a success that we have now expanded the program’s availability to senior centers and senior organizations throughout the Gorge.

Dolores, Helen, & Helen star in Doctor, Doctor.

As part of that program, on May 1 at 1:30pm and 3pm we will present the play Doctor, Doctor by Bob Naquinat at Providence Down Manor—starring a cast of Down Manor residents. This vaudeville-style play follows a day in the life of the not-so-competent Dr. Fatpacker and his less-than-attentive reception Jenny Flecks in their offices at Our Lady of Malpractice Hospital.

The play stars Sandy Regalbuto as Dr. Fatpacker, Joan Moranville as Jenny Flecks, Helen Krehbiel as Mrs. McGillacutty, Harriette Rachye as Bob Bush, Helen Pahlke as Rose Bush, and Dolores Biondo as Bea Sting, and is directed by Kerry Cobb, Executive Director at Columbia Arts.  The play is free, but reservations are required and space is limited. To attend, please email Kerry Cobb at

Doctor, Doctor is the second play performed at Down Manor in conjunction with Columbia Arts. The Seniors & the Arts program is free to Gorge-area senior organizations. For more information about the program, contact CCA Executive Director Kerry Cobb at