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Jan. 1 – Feb. 1, 2020

Opening Reception:
January 3, 2020
6:00 – 8:00pm

For 2020 the name of each show is a one word prompt to serve as a challenge to artists. We look forward to seeing what unfolds each month.

The New Year is filled with anticipation of what’s to come:  leaving the past behind, letting go, and opening up to possibilities in the future.  Let January be a time to share your dreams, hopes and aspirations, or visions and fantasies.  Explore the concept of dreams.  Let your creativity capture these discoveries into a work of art.

Artists who will be showing in January’s show include: Ellen Vorster, Cheryl Quintana, Caitlynn Abdow, Tyler Shrake, Allison McClay, Rebecca Gabriel, Kathy Cotner, Barbara Martin, Michael Selker, Jessica Damsky, Stacy Hughes, Jinx Griswold, Amanda Thomas, Sheila Delaquil, Lindsey Winkler, Karen Schoenfeld, Margo Page, Mary Coleman, Kathy Baldwin, Sandra Choate.

Dan Pillers will be the featured artist in the Lobby with his “Art as Artifact” show. Pillers states that his “inspiration comes from a variety of, random, seemly-unrelated things.  It can be a play on words, a news article, or a pair of shoes left on a curb. The first is the “conceptualization”, which often happens during my slumber.  I dream my work, build it in my mind, and when I wake I sketch out rough rudimentary drawings and note possible materials.” His work will be a wonderful complement to the work in the Dreams show.

All of the 2020 Gallery Exhibits are generously sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery.