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Gender, Dignity, & Empowerment

Gender, Dignity, & Empowerment

October 24, 7pm
Moderated Panel Discussion
Tickets $10


Gender roles, identities, and how they are formed have shifted significantly in recent decades. Feminist movements of the past took a stand for equality, led largely by female leaders for female constituents. Legislation allowing same sex unions is a result of that equality movement that has spanned gender, race, and religious ideologies. The movement from familiar gender constructs has left state institutions in a range from confusion and divisiveness to openness and acceptance.

The recent presidential election stirred the population, and the Women’s March on Washington, the largest march in history, was formed in the wake. The individual female, male, cis, non-binary, and transgender people on the leading edge of this equality movement often pay a deep personal price as they challenge our rigid gender conditioning that has been deeply ingrained into society and institutional expectations.

The Gender, Dignity, & Empowerment event is a moderated panel discussion open to the community. Speakers will share, from a personal point-of-view, their individual experiences with gender on topics ranging from politics, work, education to health outcomes and relationships. In this event, expect to sit on the edge of your seat hearing from a fascinating and diverse panel of brave speakers sharing personal experiences with gender. We will hear of struggles and triumphs, and may discover some freedom to see the human dignity hidden by our fabricated gender roles. This will be a powerful event not only for adults, but for young people as well.

Panel of Speakers

Taryn (non-binary person) is a 29-year old non-binary/genderfluid/queer individual and does not have a preferred pronoun. They just recently graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Taryn’s passion is giving people the platform and encouragement to speak their truth.

Kit (trans man)is a long-time advocate, educator, and creator of content on issues impacting the lives of gender diverse and transgender children and their families. Kit’s years of direct engagement as a facilitator and mentor have made him an invaluable part of the team at TransActive. He coordinates TransActive’s In A Bind project, which has distributed well over 2,000 ergonomically safe binders to trans youth since 2012.

Jenn (trans woman) has 20+ years working with and mentoring transgender youth and adults. An outspoken advocate on behalf of transgender and gender diverse children and youth, Jenn has played a primary role in raising local and national awareness of the challenges these children and their families face. She is a respected expert, visionary and leading thinker on gender identity and gender expression.

Gary (cisgender) has 14 years working with young men in rites of passage work and mentoring. As a logger, commercial fisherman, Fuller Brush Man, Air Force pilot, and construction contractor, he has experienced a wide range of the traditional men’s world. He is the proud father of two grown children. Currently, he aspires to writing fame as a science fiction and fantasy novelist. He dedicates his stories to humans evolving from a viral blight on our planet to a wise species of caretakers and interstellar explorers.

Tickets are $10 below, in the Gallery, or at the door. All proceeds will be donated to counseling resources at local schools. Beer & wine are not available at this event.




  • October 24, 2017
    7:00pm - 9:00pm



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  • October 24, 2017
    7:00pm - 9:00pm