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'We're Here' - Pride Exhibit

featuring Mark Nilsson, Michael Kurz, Jennifer Charkow, and Epiphany Recker

Main Gallery

June 7 - June 30


works by LGBTQIA+ Artists

In celebration of Pride Month, Columbia Arts is pleased to present work by LGBTQIA+ Artists.




Mark is a full time artist working mainly in acrylic paints and known for his colorful and vibrant paintings. His style runs from representational to abstract and can be small paintings up to large scale murals. He works out of a funky but fun studio out of his home with a fantastic view of the Columbia River. He has been painting here in the Gorge for 28 years. Much of his work is public and can be seen at many various venues around the area. 


As a painter, I am fascinated by the relationship between place and self. I explore how different environments affect our sense of freedom, intimacy,

and mood. My paintings are both representations and critiques of landscape, as I examine the beauty, complexity, and contradictions of nature and culture. My work is informed by my travels, as I seek to capture the diversity and dynamism of the world. I use a variety of styles, such as expressionism, impressionism, and abstraction to create images that invite the viewers to reflect on their own experiences and perspectives and appreciate the richness and diversity of life.

Michael Kurz (b. 1984, Portland, OR) lives and works in Portland, the Columbia River Gorge, and Baja. Kurz has had solo exhibitions in Portland at Guardino Gallery, East Bank, and The City Club of Portland. He has also exhibited his work in group exhibitions in the Pacific Northwest and Baja, Mexico. After graduating from the University of Southern California in Los

Angeles, Kurz continued to study fine art at The Anderson Ranch Arts Center (Snowmass, CO). | instagram: michaelkurzart


Jenn Charkow, is a fashion designer and fiber artist based in Ocean Shores, via Seattle, WA. Born in Fresno, CA, She is known for creating unique textiles using needle, thread, markers, watercolor, and hand-dyeing techniques. Her work incorporates sewing, stitching, and beading to add texture and interest to illustrative and abstract designs. She explores the limitless possibilities of what can be created with needle and thread. | instagram: stonecrowdesigns


Epiphany (Recker) Rose is a currently 34 years old and a professional Illustrator who has been drawing since she was about 3 years old. She dreams of Illustrating full time and leaving the customer service world behind. She most commonly does traditional sketches and then digitally lines, colors and renders the pieces. 

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