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Men’s Art: The Hero’s Journey

On the top of the world. A man standing on the top of the mountain above the clouds with ice axe in his hands.
Curator: Chas Martin
Exhibition: January 6-29
Juried Show



The road is yours and yours alone. Others can walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” Rumi

Is there a difference between man and myth, or is each the reflection of the other? Explore the stories that define our lives through archetypal characters, cultural symbols, and dreams. These timeless stories guide us, anchor us and help us understand who we are and why we are here. “Man and Myth” will reveal how men visualize themselves and their personal mythologies.

Our first exhibition of the New Year is influenced by the mythic storytelling structure outlined by Joseph Campbell. We encourage exploration of the hero’s journey through the eyes of male artists from the region. Working in a variety of artistic forms, artists will consider their personal psychological journeys, the adventure of the examined life, and the deep roots of individual artistic expression.

Curated by artist Chas Martin, the show will include artists working in all 2- and 3-dimensional media. In the Nook Gallery, Lyle School students will display their artistic response to the oral histories of the mythology of local heroes. This student exhibition is generously sponsored by Middle Mountain Tax Service & Waucoma Books.

Brandin Barón
Justice Duncan
Bud Egger
Charles Funk
Beau Gordon
Dirk Gundam
Cuauhtémoc Kish
Tien-chu Loh
Tim Moore
Jeffrey Olson
Neal Philpott
Rodney Stuart
Leon Trice
Rick Wheeler
Dave Swann
Les Lively
Tom Gail

Lyle School: Artistic Responses to the Hero’s Journey in Nook

Chas Martin in Lobby

This Gallery Exhibition is generously sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery

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