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In The Lobby

Randye Jensen

A Monthly Exhibition in the Lobby of the Columbia Center for the Arts

This month’s lobby exhibition features:

November 2018
Randye Jensen

Artist’s Statement:

In fall of 2017 I excitedly agreed to a show at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River.  A year would give me time to focus on painting through each of the seasons and hopefully create some magic, something more than just pretty pictures.

Responding to the Columbia Gorge’s visually dramatic landscape evolved into a meditation.   Each painting became a study in light, color, shape, value, atmospheric perspective and my desire was to respond emotionally and intuitively, not to create something photorealistic.

Through the seasons I watched the gorge explode in a variety of colors.   From the beautiful lights of winter snow, to the rosy violets of spring Grass Widows and Columbia Desert Parsley pink; to summer’s Balsamroot yellows and Lupine purples, through autumn’s golden Gray Rabbitbrush, along with the changing patterns of the bluffs and river, I began to challenge myself to paint the complex beauty of the natural world around me.

As you wander through my pastel landscapes I’d feel successful if I’ve been able to share with you the wonder and the complexity, the subtlety and grandeur of our bold, beautiful Columbia Gorge.

All of the 2018 Gallery Exhibits are generously sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery and Windermere Realty