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In The Lobby

Brian Chambers

Exhibition: October 29 – December 29, 2019
Opening Reception: December 6, 6-8pm

Artist Statement/Bio: 

I was strongly drawn to photography early in high school.  Self taught, I built my own dark room and briefly considered a career in photography.  Over the years, my time spent on photography dwindled as other hobbies took its place. A few years ago I purchased my first Digital SLR and my photography interest has roared back with a vengeance.

My primary goal with my photographs is to try and capture some of the beauty of the natural world around me.  I love trying to balance the artistic components of photography with the technical challenges of capturing an image.   One of my favorite aspects of landscape photography is that it requires one to spend more time in the outdoors, watching more sunrises and sunsets, sitting beneath a star filled sky in an effort to capture that unique lighting that can make a scene come alive.  Getting all of the components to come together to make an interesting image is a constant challenge. I feel I am improving and learning every time I pick up the camera and head off looking for new ways to capture an image or see an interesting composition.

Although I am more interested in the capture of an image than the processing, like almost all photographers today I do use software to process my images.  I try to keep the processing out of the way of the final image and have my photographs be a true and honest representation of my vision of the natural world.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photographs almost as much as I enjoy creating them.

All of the 2019 Gallery Exhibits are generously sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery