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Industrial Art

Exhibition February 27- March 31, 2019
Opening Reception March 1, 6-8pm

Gritty, sleek, dynamic—Industrial Art comes in many forms. This show highlights the vast and varied expressions of this medium.

Artists who will be showing in the Gallery for the month of March include:
Bill Hook, Joe Cramer, Brad McLemore, Dave Gonzo, Alan Root, Matthew Dockrey, MacRae Wylde, Doug Burke, Debora Lorang, Brad Lorang, Nell Parker, Mike Ruff, Dan Pillers, Michelle Liccardo, Lila Ferber, Alexandra Blasford, Barbara Martin, Chris Cocker, Brian Samuels, Fenn Paider and Alexandra Buckles.

The Lobby will have an Art of Blacksmithing show including the following artists:
Anne Bujold, Lynda Metcalfe, Monica Coyne, Lisa Geertsen, Leslie Tharp, Elizabeth Belz, Rashelle Hams, Meghan Martin.


All of the 2019 Gallery Exhibits are generously sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery and Windermere Realty