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Jessie Weitzel Le Grand

About the Artist


Jessie Weitzel Le Grand’s work presents objects from imagined alternate realities connected to our own. Jessie holds a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art, an MAT from Marylhurst University and has exhibited work recently at Outback Arthouse (Los Angeles), Tropical Contemporary (Eugene, OR), Disjecta (Portland, OR) and Lazy Oaf’s “Take a Break” in London, England. Jessie is a co-founder of Carnation Contemporary and teaches second grade in Portland, OR with a focus on equity and arts integration.




Ny By (New Town)

Ny By is a town. Not a town of this world, but another. In Ny By, citizens worship snacks and sandwiches. They pull threads from the soil and collect geodes on the shore. Life here is a mystery. There is no language, no laws, and no existential crises. Each life form is unique, funny, and content.