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Exploring Music from the Quarantine

We Are Asking for Help

Our community is heavily impacted by the COVID-19 virus. We could use your help. We would appreciate if you could make a donation to help us continue to support the artistic community in the Gorge. You can text the code “CCAHR” to the number 44-321 or click below. Thank you for anything you can give.

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3/31 – Live from Our Living Rooms

The quarantine is generating some incredible streaming musical options.

Facebook is virtually overflowing with clips and concerts from your favorite artists. For a fan, the opportunity to see and hear music being created without the glitzy production can be even more impactful.

Many folks were frozen in their tracks yesterday when they heard that John Prine was gravely ill with COVID-19. Mr. Prine, a remarkable songwriter, has had many health battles over the years. He is particularly at risk. It is lovely to see musicians sending out positive wishes to him thru song.

Here is Beth Orton lighting a candle for him, performing Prine’s song “Clay Pigeons”

So, we don’t want to be that guy and just start singing songs at you willy nilly. But I’ve had John Prine on my mind since I read that he is unwell with the covid-19 virus. I’ve been awake most of the night sending love and prayers to John and his family and willing him well. Today it felt like the best way to keep vigil was to learn one of his many beloved songs (which we have since learned is by Blaze Foley – beautiful! – but which I know from John’s version). I am lucky enough to have Sam Amidon in isolation with me so here is a get well soon love letter to John with our version of Clay Pigeons. We hope you like it, it comes from our hearts to yours. Healing love and best wishes to John and his family ❤️ John Prine #claypigeons #weneedyouherewithus

Posted by Beth Orton on Monday, March 30, 2020


Other live events are everywhere.

There is nothing like having a personal concert by Mary Chapin Carpenter (and her adorable dog playing).

Songs From Home Episode 4: This Is Love

Greetings everyone, welcome back to #songsfromhome, episode 4: This Is Love….We’ve moved out of the kitchen for a change of scene, to the room next door, you can see Angus’ toy boxes, the side of my mom’s childhood piano, and halfway through the song, Angus manages to chew his toy in time to the music. Well, kind of. White Kitty is taking her 23 hour a day nap. Thanks again for tuning in, don’t forget to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home and #staymighty. Love, kindness and peace to your hearts until the next time…If you ever need to feel a hand take up your ownWhen you least expect but want it more than You’ve ever knownBaby here’s that hand and here’s my voiceThat’s calling….This is love…#songsfromhome #thisislove #blueridgemountains #farmhouse #virginia #home #angus #goldenretriever #songwriter #flattenthecurve #stayhome #weareallconnected #staymighty #songsforshutins #stonesintheroad

Posted by Mary Chapin Carpenter on Saturday, March 28, 2020

Musicians are also hearing the need to use their resources to bring assistance to those in need.

“Live from our Living Room” is a week long cyber-festival beginning tomorrow putting the spotlight on many contemporary jazz musicians like Bill Frisell and Christian McBride. Check it out here.

All proceeds will provide emergency relief to New York City musicians whose freelance careers have been impacted by COVID-19.

For a visual feast that may inspire meditative musical ideas, check out this strange and soothing “Moon Jelly Cam”. I suggest turning the music down and composing your own piece to it!

On the local front, please enjoy Gorge favorite Megan Alder’s “Tennessee”

Do you have something you’d like to share with me? Drop me an email and let me know at

3/30 – The Dark and the Light  – From Stream of Consciousness to Streaming Concerts

Bob Dylan’s New Track

Bob Dylan dropped his first original song in nearly a decade this week. Hear the dizzying 17-minute song “Murder Most Foul” and see how it speaks to you. For some, the air becomes still and the seriousness of the moment crashes over you. It appears Bob Dylan is much more productive when he is stuck in the house than most of us.

Streaming Concerts Everywhere

It’s been heartwarming to see how the music industry is quickly evolving and identifying this time of need

Here are a few worthy links to check out for causes and streaming concerts.

The Grammy’s “Music Cares COVID-19 Music Relief Fund”

Songkick’s Live Streaming Concerts – (A multitude of small and big bands featured here.)

A list of NPR suggestions for where to stream music – Read or Listen here.

A personal favorite, contemporary composer Joep Beving performs “Sol and Luna” in Australia to an empty theatre during “Piano Day”.

The Emotional and Financial Toll

NPR has provided some remarkable journalism this week specifically about COVID-19 and the music industry:

This one, close to my heart regarding the disruptions of social distancing and the jazz industry. – Read or Listen here.

A thoughtful piece about how you can help artists during these challenging times. – Read or Listen here.

Viral Humor

On a much lighter note, I found some chuckles on Twitter with this silly “viral” game of renaming bands in the spirit of the moment. There are a few memorable ones in this list:)

Flu Fighters
The Violent Phlegms
Pandemic at the Disco
Ben Folds Laundry
Jimmy Easts Everything in the Pantry
Panic at the Costco
Purel Jam
Men out of Work
Men at Work from Home
Miley Virus
Weird Al Hadkerchief
Fleetwood Mac & Cheese
Janes Netflix Addiction
Please Stop Going to the Beach Boys
ICEolated T
Amazon Primus
Huey Lewis & the Endlessly Bad News
Red Hot Chilli Preppers
Don’t KISS
Alice in Sweatpants
CDC Music Factory

On the Local Scene

please enjoy local artist John Donovan’s take on the times.

3/25/20 – “Music” – By CCA Staff Member and musician Tim Ortlieb

Some view life through the prism of literature, law, money, or any number of disciplines. If music has chosen you, then your measure of life can be altered in seconds within the subtle and dramatic sounds of this art form.

A melody can trigger a memory. It snaps you to attention. Your heart can immediately swell with love. Melody and tempo dictates the steps of your dance. It reveals your politics & patriotism, and identifies your intellect. Music speaks when words fail, and create a vacuum when it gives pause. Songs trigger distant memories and reveal layers we weren’t previously aware of within ourselves. We hope to reveal interesting local, national, and international bits here to broadcast another perspective on this crisis.

If you are fortunate enough to be tuned in to the mysterious world of music, then I hope you find some interest in the content that is shared here. In time, I hope to post content from the local and global  musicians that speak to us during this pandemic. I encourage you to share content with me by clicking here. We hope to comfort or to distract you with music that reveals something that words cannot quite express.

Global Voices

For today, I begin with one of the world’s most renowned and beloved musicians, trying to provide comfort in this time of crisis.

Local Voices

On the local front, the talented singer/songwriter Stephanie Sweet, sharing a rendition of a healing Leonard Cohen song for us all.

Another local, Patrick Mulivhill, a member of multiple Gorge area bands including Oakinfir & The Ry Mac Band.

“Blue Days” snippetAn excerpt from a new original on the upcoming EP called “Blue Days.” Progress has stalled a bit, but the train is still chugging along. More tunes soon.

Posted by Patrick Mulvihill Music on Sunday, March 15, 2020

We Are Asking for Help

Our community is heavily impacted by the COVID-19 virus. We could use your help. We would appreciate if you could make a donation to help us continue to support the artistic community in the Gorge. You can text the code “CCAHR” to the number 44-321 or click below. Thank you for anything you can give.

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