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Out There

Exhibition: “Out There”
March 5th-March 27th, 2021

Columbia Center for the Arts  is excited to present  Out There, an exhibition of other-worldy landscapes and allegories featuring work by Bill Brewer, Xander Griffith, and Rose Szapszewicz.


Szapszewicz’s ephemeral and calligraphic watercolors on paper will transport you to far away ocean-fronts, cliffsides, and rivers. Griffith’s outrageous and exciting rolled-felt works create dimensionality within a seemingly flat surface, their vibrancy radiates these pieces right off the wall. A bit more whimsical, Brewer’s approach sets the stage for his playful characters and narratives. This show will be sure to carry you to new and fantastic horizons.


This exhibition opens March 5th and runs through March 27th. Please note that due to COVID-19 there will not be an opening reception. Gallery hours are 11-5pm Tuesday-Saturday.

CCA Presents “Out There” March 5-27th in the Gallery (Trailer)

Artist Rose Szapszewicz discusses her work with CCA Gallery Manager Rachael Erickson.

Artist Xander Griffith discusses his work with CCA Executive Director Leith Gaines

Artist Bill Brewer discusses his work with CCA Executive Director Leith Gaines