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Polly Wood

Artist Bio

Even before I launched a 17-year career as a cake designer and pastry chef, ceramics had occupied a special place in my arty mind. Ceramics certainly inspired my cake forms, and working with the malleable sugar dough known as fondant was reminiscent of hand-building with clay. I knew that someday I would switch from the sugarcane fields back to what lies beneath – clay!


Artist Statement

 EMERGENCE: Seasonal inspiration closer to home.

The pottery odyssey continues with Motivation: Art-a-Day. My theme centers around emergence, as I am a season observer and plant watcher. I’ve created vases, mugs, tumblers, bowls, and some wall hanging pieces that follow the inspirations of our Pacific Northwest’s actual six season year:

Winter/Emerging Spring;

Full Spring;

Early Summer;

High Summer;

Late Summer/Early Harvest;

Fall into Winter.

Each season has five pieces tied to it. I’ve learned so much during this conjuring time, had some flops, and started to find my voice with clay. Ironically, I arrived at my theme just months before the global pandemic emerged and we all started to reacquaint ourselves with what’s close to our homes. The thinking behind my work is that we are never static – never still. Even in the stillness of winter or while homebound something is always emerging, and that is comforting…Easy or tough, change is better than stasis. Motivation is essential.

-Polly Wood