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Jenny Loughmiller – “Leah’s Soulscape”

Jenny Loughmiller – “Leah’s Soulscape”


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  • “Most of my soulscapes are instances that hold a special kind of magic that you can only find away from home. It’s this moment when I see something in front of me, usually very old or very foreign, and I get swept away as I think about the people who have walked these paths or touched these stones long before I came to earth. There is this moment that stretches out in front of me as I’m filled with this sense of connection to a place and time that isn’t my own. It’s different but the same. I love these places because they connect me to the bigger picture. They take me out of my ultimately insignificant doubts, worries, and stresses to remind me that there is a much much bigger plan. It’s ok. It’s all going to work out. Just take a second to breathe, be here in this moment and when you’re done, keep moving forward. So I try to capture these moments and that place becomes somewhere special where I remembered with clarity, even if for a moment, what it’s all about.”
  • 7 X 5
  • Acrylic on gessobord

The image of the entire work is a thumbnail and does not accurately reflect the work. Use the closeup image to evaluate resolution.

Items will remain on display at CCA until the end of the exhibition (Friday, October 31st)