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March 3 – 28, 2020

Opening Reception:
March 6, 2020

6:00 – 8:00pm

For 2020 the name of each show is a one word prompt to serve as a challenge to artists. We look forward to seeing what unfolds each month.

Reinvention is the process of taking something and altering it so much it appears entirely new.  This term can be applied to recycled art.  By taking discarded materials that once had another purpose and utilizing them in new and novel ways, we reinvent the byproducts of society.  How can you reinvent what’s at hand to make art?  Can found objects really turn into treasure?  Execution is everything.  Reinvent yourself as an artist; use the unusual in extraordinary ways.   

All of the 2020 Gallery Exhibits are generously sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery.