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Renee Adams

About the Artist

Humanity’s imprint on nature is undeniable. Most scientists now maintain we have entered the Anthropocene, a term based on overwhelming global evidence that human activities are having a significant impact on all of the earth’s ecosystems. My work investigates the complex relationship we have cultivated with the natural world, recognizing that our desire to control, covet, manage and exploit it has created a power struggle in which I believe nature will ultimately win. Through my work I weave the historic relationship of human and planet with my own environmental observations in an attempt to underscore our absolute reliance on the natural world while imagining new relationships that might emerge.

Renee Adams is a mixed media artist living in Thorp, WA. She is a member of PUNCH Projects, a rural arts collective that mounts site-specific installations and art happenings. When not in her studio or working as a gallery manager at a local nonprofit arts center, she enjoys tending to her garden, hunting for mushrooms, backpacking in the woods of the Northwest and exploring her planet.