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Rodney Stuart

some thoughts                                                                                                             September 2020


My grandfather had a wood shop in his basement and his mother was a national figure skating champion of Canada. I grew up with sailboats and lived in a house surrounded with large maple, oak and willow trees. I love the ritual of the find, the gathering and sorting and the history of objects. Mannerism in all things living has always fascinated me! In sports I like to throw my body around in figure skating, tennis, snow boarding and kiting. In my artistic work I like simplicity of mannerism and understatement. Writing poetry at university was my first serious experience of expressing myself creatively, and I have always tried to integrate the poetic intensity that language contains into other parts of my life. Making has some profound relationship to language for me and titles in the work have as much to do with my love of language as they do to insights into the work. In these creations I have tried to connect with my childhood and the growing pains of getting older as an adult.

Rodney Christopher Stuart