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CCA’s “Spotlight Series”

Welcome to CCA’s Artist Spotlight Series! During the days of COVID-19, our theater has spent far too many evenings empty. We’ve decided to feature intimate performances in this amazing space, featuring dancers, musicians, storytellers, and other local artists. Help support us while we navigate these challenging times for the arts.

4/25/2021 -Musician Samuel Beccerà and the Flutes of Mexico

3/23/2021 – Tim Mayer “Wade in the Water”

1/13/2021 – Tim Mayer “Imagine”

1/13/2021 – Tim Mayer “America the Beautiful”

12/14/2020 – Henkle Middle School presents “Virtual Art Exhibit”

12/14/2020 – Tim Mayer “Linus & Lucy”

12/14/2020 – Tim Mayer “Carol of the Bells”

9/24/2020 – Heather Staten of “Heather’s Flower Farm”

8/07/2020 – Megan Alder & The Woods visits CCA (remotely)

7/23/2020 – Lynn Orr of Hood River’s “The History Museum” visits CCA

7/7/2020 – Leigh Hancock shares her story of the South

6/25/2020 – Hood River Musician Ben Bonham

“April Kisses”

“Requiem 2020″, followed by a bit of Brownie Mcghee”

Are you a Gorge artist looking to participate on our Artist Spotlight Series?
Kindly send us an email and we can discuss.

6/24/2020 – Lucy Gorman, owner of Informal Flowers

Enjoy Lucy assemble an arrangement in the CCA Theatre

6/15/2020 – Singer/Songwriter Stephanie Sweet

Stephanie’s though provoking songs feel more urgent now than ever.

“Not Divided”