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Saturday, October 13
Doors at 6pm, Concert at 6:30-9 PM
$10 Suggested Donation at the Door

Western musicians and cowboy poets from three western states will perform a showcase concert at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River, Oregon. This is an opportunity to see a variety of popular and award-winning entertainers sharing music and poetry from our western culture. Admission is voluntary with a suggested donation of $10 at the door.

Performing will be musicians Ted Hunt, Lauralee Northcott, Coyote Joe, Barbara Nelson, Alan Halvorson, the duos Panhandle Cowboys and Chinook Wind, and cowboy poets Lynn Kopelke, AK Moss, Tom Swearingen, and Duane Nelson. All are performing members of the Columbia Chapter of the International Western Music Association, an organization that encourages and supports the preservation, performance, and composition of traditional and contemporary music and poetry of the West.

Here is a poem by cowboy Tom Swearingen to whet your appetite!

A Few Lines For Oregon From A Grateful Native Son
I’ve roamed all corners of this state
At lope, or trot, or walking gait.
From vantage point of horse’s back
On vast wide range and single track.

Smelled the air of sage scent mesas.
Followed ruts and ancient traces
Of nomads, beasts, and those who came
To stake their claim and bring my name.

Watched desert devils spin and dance,
Their dust trails haze the far expanse.
Then fade and lift to leave behind
My outlook clear with inspired mind.

Cut the tracks of wild Mustang bands.
Packed deep in cool of timber stands.
Spent ’nuff time around city walls
To know I prefer coyote’s calls.

Circled herds on high graze grasses.
Trailed them down steep switchback passes.
Spent lots of nights with stars my lamp,
Bedded down in a remote camp.

Picked way cross rivers snaking down
From mountain range and hilltop crown.
Seen life they bring to valley floor,
Then fresh the salt at ocean shore.

I’ve come to love this diverse land,
Where creative fires can be fanned.
Six decades here have made it clear
I’m glad my roots were planted here.

Oregon is a sacred ground
Where coiled up thoughts can be unwound,
Then strung in lines to then be sung
With passioned voice and angel’s tongue.

So now my plan’s for me to stay
Until my final earthly day.
If that works out, then I’ll be blessed
To ride my days out in the West.

© 2017, Tom Swearingen

Tom Swearingen is an Oregon horseman whose original cowboy poetry is often inspired by his own experiences and observations from the saddle.


Columbia Center for the Arts

215 Cascade Avenue
PO Box 1543
Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 387-8877
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Center Hours

(Labor Day - Memorial Day)
Tuesday-Saturday , 11am-5pm
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Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm

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