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Young Voices: Emerging Artist & Their Mentors









Exhibition October 31 – November 18, 2018

Exhibition Overview
This exciting show will feature the art of collaborative teams of established artists and their emerging young protégés. Local seasoned artists will be paired with emerging artists working together on themed pieces.

Participants include:

Mentor Name                                Students

Yvonne Peppin-Wakefield           Yasmine Villegas

MacRae Wylde                               Muir Emmons

Ashleigh Coyner                             Audrey Coyner

Susan Sutherland                          Erin Sutherland

Mefore Aday                                   Atticus Naramore

Cyndi Strid                                      Brenna Koester, Arden Pooley

Peny Wallace                                  Alex Baker, Will Baker

Pamela Larsen                                Sofie Larsen- Teskey


Randye Jensen will have a solo show in the Lobby.


All of CCA’s 2018 gallery exhibitions are generously sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery and Windermere Realty.