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CCA Team

The CCA Team

Columbia Center for the Arts consists of many individuals working to increase access to the arts and provide unique educational opportunities. Members of the staff, Board of Directors, and outstanding CCA volunteers play a key role in helping CCA thrive.


[In Transition]
Executive Director
541-387-8877 ext. 3

Carolyn Smith
Gallery Manager
541-387-8877 ext. 1

Ana Rugani
Gallery Assistant
541-387-8877 ext. 1

Sullivan Mackintosh
Consulting Artistic Director

Lorri Cornett
Events Manager

Jesse Harkin
Tech Manager & Operations Support
541-387-8877 x6

Board of Directors – 2019

Lesley Haskell, Chair
Dr. Bonnie Taylor, Vice Chair
Ron Cohen, Treasurer
Anna M. Barker, Secretary
Dr. Richard Schmuck
Maureen Higgins

Anna C. Cavaleri
Dena Gadomski
Judie Hanel
Tim Mayer
Joe Goroutte


Fundraising & Development Committee

Dr. Bonnie Taylor
Anna M. Barker
Anna C. Cavaleri
Dena Gadomski

Finance Committee

Ron Cohen
Judie Hanel

Building & Safety Committee

Ron Cohen
Lesley Haskell
Maureen Higgins

Marketing & Communications Committee

Anna C. Cavaleri