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Event Rental Space at CCA


_DSC0003To inquire about renting space for your upcoming event, please complete our online Rental Inquiry Form, or call the Events Manager at 541-387-8877, ext. 2. We offer discounted rates for nonprofits and educational organizations. Reservations & security deposits are required.

CCA offers rental space at the center for a variety of activities including:

  • Plays and concerts
  • Dances and dance performances
  • _DSC0002 (1)Films, lectures, and slideshows
  • Readings, workshops, classes, and seminars
  • Dinner, brunch, and cocktail parties
  • Memorials
  • Business presentations
  • Conferences
  • Continuing education

Facility Specifications:bodyvox-2389

  • Black box theatre with 37′ x 28′ stage, 136 fixed seats, 26 moveable chairs, green room, 2 dressing rooms, sound and light booth, and 16′ movie screen with projector (dvd or computer connection).
  • 800-square-foot art-filled lobby with kitchen access and a bar.
  • Catering kitchen with oven, microwave, and full-size refrigerator.
  • Open and bright 1,700-square-foot art gallery with 14-foot ceiling.
  • 700-square-foot studio/classroom with a capacity for 50 standing, 35 seated, and 25 seated at tables.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Portable LCD projector with 60-inch screen.

How to Rent at CCA

To learn more about our rental spaces, please reference the CCA Rental Form for additional information, or call the Events Manager at 541-387-8877, ext. 2. To rent the Theatre specifically for theatrical productions, please reference the CCA Live Theatre & Performing Arts Form.