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Event Rental Space at CCA

How to Rent at CCA

To learn more about our rental spaces, please submit an inquiry through our online portal here, or contact our Director at 541-387-8877, ext. 3.

_DSC0003CCA Venue Options Available for Rent

  • Theatre:* 136 permanent seat black-box Theatre with 37′ x 28′ stage, 39 extra movable seats, green room, two dressing rooms, sound and light booth, and 16’x9′ movie screen with projector for DVD/Blu-Ray or computer.
  • Art Gallery:*  1,700-square-foot Art Gallery with 14′ ceilings and uninterrupted space with lots of natural light. Capacity 100
  • Studio/Classroom: 700-square-foot Studio/Classroom. Access to restrooms. Capacity 50
  • Full Facility:* Includes all of the above.

*Includes access to 800-square-foot Lobby with bar and kitchen.

Types of Rental Events

_DSC0002 (1)

  • Plays and concerts
  • Dances and dance performances
  • Films, lectures, and slideshows
  • Readings, workshops, classes, and seminars
  • Dinner, brunch, and cocktail parties
  • Memorials
  • Business presentations
  • Conferences
  • Continuing education
  • Award ceremonies

Facility Specificationsbodyvox-2389

  • Black-box theatre with 37′ x 28′ stage, 136 fixed seats, 39 movable chairs, green room, 2 dressing rooms, sound and light booth, and a 16′ screen with projector.
  • 800 square-foot art-filled lobby with kitchen access and bar.
  • Catering kitchen with oven, microwave, and full-size refrigerator.
  • Open and bright 1,700 square-foot fine art gallery.
  • 700 square-foot studio/classroom with a capacity for 50 standing, 35 seated, and 25 seated at tables.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • 13′ ceiling throughout the facility