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Gallery Exhibitions at Columbia Center for the Arts

In the Galleries


For the past 4 years, Genevieve Scholl has focused her painting practice on Pacific Northwest forest landscapes, creating portrait-like studies of the trees, pools, mosses, and nurse logs of the Hoh Rainforest, the Columbia River Gorge, and the Oregon coast. Her studies of the gestural qualities of trees within layers of diffused and reflected light bring about the intimacy of solo visits to the forest, and what she calls a “reciprocal awareness” one feels in the presence of ancient trees. Into the Forest features over 20 works of oil on canvas and archival paper.

CATE HOTCHKISS | photography

Experience the PNW through the lens of Cate Hotchkiss, an award-winning photographer based in Hood River. When photographing nature, Cate often experiments with long exposures in order to capture, in a single frame, the atmospheric elements that coalesce into such grandeur. She creates dreamlike, ethereal images that reflect the magic and mystery of the Columbia River Gorge and beyond. Through her work, Cate showcases the breathtaking landscapes of the PNW and serves as an advocate for their preservation, collaborating with nonprofits dedicated to environmental protection.

Cate’s images have been featured in regional galleries, magazines, and the news media. She lives in Hood River with her husband, two children, and their labradoodle.


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